Our Caring Nannies

At EduNanny, your child’s safety sparks our journey! We handpick only the most dependable and alert caregivers through a strict selection process. Trained to nurture a secure space, they let your little ones learn and explore with joy and no worries.

Nina Sherwood

Full-time Nanny

Angela Kwang

Daytime Nanny

Cherlyn Long

Full-time Nanny

Amy Cutter

Part-time nanny

Rosalie Robison

Full-time Nanny

Lily Morrison

Daytime Nanny

Natali Howell

Full-time Nanny

Sara Hopkins

Part-time nanny

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Our Innovative Methods of Nanny

Our programs focus on each child’s development in social-emotional growth, gross and fine motor skills, language and literacy and more. 

Service Orientation
Time Management
Critical Thinking

Our Core Values

Learning through play is our approach! We have designed a dynamic sanctuary where kids thrive amidst joy and exploration.

Nurturing Environment

Our priority is to provide a safe, caring, and stimulating environment where children can thrive and develop their full potential.


Educational Excellence

We are committed to delivering exceptional early learning experiences that foster intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth


Family Partnership

We recognize parents as their child's first teachers and value collaborative relationships with families to support the well-being and development of their children.