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WelcomeTo EduNanny

At EduNanny, we see the potential in every child and dedicate ourselves to nurturing it. We believe that a child’s early years are pivotal, which is why our nannies do more than care—they educate, inspire, and help your child develop into their best self. Our team consists of carefully selected professionals who are as passionate about your child’s happiness and growth as you are. Join us at EduNanny, where we provide expert care tailored to the rhythms of your family life, laying down the building blocks for a bright and joyful future.

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Our Methods

EduNanny gifts working families with accessible, top-notch early education and childcare that’s just right for them, making sure each little star gets the individual care and cheer they need for a brilliant beginning. Sparks little imaginations and grows young minds through enchanting, play-filled adventures.

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Active Learning

  • Enhances Critical Thinking
  • Promotes Retention
  • Develop Collaborative Skills
  • Increases Engagement

Inquiry Based Learning

  • Encourages Curiosity
  • Develop Research Skills
  • Foster Critical Thinking
  • Student-Centered

Social Emotional Learning

  • Support Mental Health 
  • Enhances Emotional Intelligence
  • Encourages Self Awareness
  • Improves Social Skills

Montessori Method

  • Hands On Learning
  • Child – Led Learning
  • Foster Independence
  • Self-Discovery


  • Promotes Healthy Competition
  • Makes Learning Fun
  • Support Different Learning Style
  • Provide Safe Failure Environment

Technology Integration

  • Access to Vast Information
  • Improves Digital Literacy
  • Flexible Learning Environments
  • Instant Feedback

What Parents Say

EduNanny is committed to delivering affordable, premium early education and childcare solutions for working families, with the goal of giving every child an optimal beginning.

What We Offer

Blending compassion and education. Our expert nannies are dedicated to your child’s growth and happiness.  At EduNanny, we place utmost care and attention to your little ones. 

Art Classes

Foster creativity with engaging arts activities that inspire imagination.


Support learning with educational activities that spark curiosity.


Promote health and teamwork with fun and active sports play.


Enhance communication skills with interactive language learning.

Critical Thinking

Encourage problem-solving with engaging puzzles and games.


Ignite a love for reading with diverse books and storytelling sessions.