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Play & Learn EduNanny Services

Enhances early development through engaging, play-based activities. Ideal for fostering creativity and foundational skills in children 18 months and older, with flexible scheduling to fit family routines.

Enrichment-Focused EduNanny Services

Tailors childcare to specific developmental goals like language acquisition or artistic expression. Offers specialized modules and skilled nannies for personalized, skill-focused growth in young children.

All-inclusive Premium EduNanny Services

A comprehensive childcare solution, covering everything from morning pick-ups to evening routines. Perfect for busy families needing extensive support, including household tasks and consistent childcare.

Foster Care Services

Nanny foster care service plays a crucial role in connecting families with qualified and caring individuals to serve as nannies for their children. This service goes beyond traditional childcare placement by fostering strong, supportive relationships between families and caregivers

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    Comprehensive Carewith EduNanny

    Where care meets education. Our expert nannies are dedicated to your child’s growth and happiness.

    • Personalized Care
    • Learning Support
    • Play & Grow
    • Inclusive Care
    • Full-Time EduNanny
    • Part-Time EduNanny

    What We Offer

    EduNanny’s mission is to deliver affordable, exceptional early education and childcare services tailored for working families, ensuring that every child receives dedicated support and nurturing for a bright start in life.


    Foster creativity with engaging arts activities that inspire imagination.


    Enhance communication skills with interactive language learning.


    Promote health and teamwork with fun and active sports play.

    Critical Thinking

    Encourage problem-solving with engaging puzzles and games.


    Support learning with educational activities that spark curiosity.


    Ignite a love for reading with diverse books and storytelling sessions.

    Our Featured EduNannies

    EduNanny is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized childcare and early education services to support every family’s unique needs.

    Our Hiring Process


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    Enroll your child for EduNanny

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    KYC Appointment

    A "Know-Your-Child" appointment with parents 


    Personalized EduNanny Matching

    Personalised EduNanny matching based on parent and child development goals


    Service Commencement

    EduNanny starts for your child, receive session updates and monthly child development reports. 

    Top Reasons to Choose Edunanny

    Safety First

    Tailored Education

    Holistic Development

    Flexible Schedules

    Every EduNanny experience begins with the safety of your child. Our stringent selection process ensures that you have the most trustworthy and vigilant caregivers. They're trained to provide a secure environment that lets your child explore and learn without worry.

    Our EduNannies do more than supervise — they engage with each child to provide personalized learning experiences. With activities designed to align with your child's interests and developmental stage, edunanny makes every moment at home an opportunity for growth.

    At EduNanny, we believe in nurturing every aspect of a child's development. From interactive play that develops fine motor skills to storytelling that sparks imagination, our holistic approach cultivates emotional, social, and intellectual growth.

    Understanding the dynamics of modern family life, EduNanny offers flexible childcare solutions. Whether you need full-time support, after-school care, or part-time assistance, our services adapt to meet your scheduling needs while ensuring your child's care is never compromised.

    Empowered Learning

    Cultivating critical thinking and social skills from the start.

    Engaging Learning

    Fueling a lifelong passion for discovery with hands-on activities.

    Lifelong Learning

    Building a strong foundation for academic and personal growth.

    We NurtureGrowth ThroughKey Activities

    At EduNanny, we enhance your child’s development with a personalized blend of educational and recreational activities, designed to promote social, cognitive, and physical skills in the comfort of your home.

    • Arts Exploration
    • Language Fun
    • Mind and Body Sports
    • Cognitive Games
    • Academic Enrichment
    • Character Play
    • Literacy & Storytelling

    Explore EduNanny's World of Childcare

    Delivering more than just childcare, EduNanny enriches your child’s world with a blend of educational play, nurturing care, and creative exploration. Discover the joy and learning happening every day in our photo gallery.


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    EduNanny is committed to delivering personalized, nurturing, and educational childcare that supports every family’s unique needs.

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